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Pay, leave and rewards overview

Advice for employed dentists on leave entitlements, pay progression, parental leave and more.

Leave entitlements

This advice describes the contractual annual leave entitlement of dentists employed under the national terms and conditions for the Community Dental Service (CDS) in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland and the Public Dental Service (PDS) in Scotland.

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Job planning, appraisal and pay progression

This advice provides key information about job planning and appraisal and how these inform incremental pay progression for dentists working in the salaried dental services (community dental services and public dental services).

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Maternity, adoption and family

This advice concerns the right to maternity / adoption leave and pay. Information about other forms of (paid and unpaid) family related leave is also included.

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Sickness absence

This advice is relevant to any salaried dentist experiencing either short or long-term absence due to ill health.

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