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British Dental Students Association

The British Dental Students' Association (BDSA) is a student body run by an annually elected Executive Committee and student representatives from each UK dental school.

The association was founded in 1942 and today represents over 5,000 dental students in the UK. ​

The BDA and BDSA are two separate organisations that work closely together. The BDA is the trade union and professional association for dentists and dental students. Whilst the BDSA is a voluntary run organisation, run by dental students, to look after the social side of student life.

Students who form the BDSA Committee are known as 'BDA Reps' and have two roles. They sit on the BDSA Committee to support the annual social events and the BDA Student Committee to represent students at their dental school and deal with political matters.

BDSA aims

  • Pro​mote the educational and social interests of the dental students of the UK​
  • Represent dental students on a national and international level
  • Promote integration between all dental students
  • Campaign amongst the profession and beyond to champion the views of dental students​
  • Organise two annual national events: sports day and conference.

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