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Applying for BDA Indemnity

1. Get an indicative quote

Register on our website and complete our short form to receive an indicative quote, which is intended as an illustration only. No offer of indemnity or final quotation is given until after an application form has been completed and accepted. Any GDC-registered dentist can get an indicative quote.

2. Check your membership status

You have to be a BDA member to be eligible to take out indemnity cover with us. Depending on your circumstances, you either can either simply apply, upgrade your membership and apply, or become a member and apply. Learn more about eligibility for our cover.

3. Apply via your unique email link

The indicative quote will be emailed to you, together with a unique link to apply, which connects your quote and application in our system. If you like what you see, download our Indemnity application checklist to ensure you have all the required details at hand before you follow the link to apply on our website.

4. Review our offer and accept

Your application will be reviewed and if accepted we will get in touch with you about your final price, and any additional information around upgrades or new membership. In many cases we can confirm your acceptance within two working days. In some cases we may need further information, but we'll contact you to let you know.

Application process based on membership status

Get an indicative quote

Any GDC-registered dentist can request an indicative quote for BDA Indemnity. Simply fill in our short form and we'll email you the results and information about next steps. Please note that you have to register as a BDA website user to be able to access the form.