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Dentist Indemnity - A unique service designed for dentists and dentistry

Advice and services

Extra and Expert members have access to unlimited one-to-one advice via phone or email from our experienced dental advisors.

​Contact BDA Advice teams via: or call 020 7935 0875.

Expert members - Besides our advice and BDJ in Practice articles, Expert members also have access to our full range of practice templates (170), checklists and audits.


We may record telephone conversations that are advisory in nature to offer you additional security, resolve complaints and improve our service standards. Conversations may also be monitored for staff training purposes. You will be alerted to this when you call.

Using the Expert template/policies

Open the template and save it in a folder on your PC. The way you organise them will be unique to you, which is why we’ve listed ours in alphabetical order.

Read it from start to finish to see if there are amendments you want to make specific to your practice. The customisable fields are shown in red italics. Call our advisers to discuss your situation and we’ll help you develop the policy to safeguard your business.

Add in your practice’s information, and the details of staff responsible. Add the date to the document.

Let your colleagues see it and discuss it at a team meeting. Talking about changes needed to implement the policy, or responsibilities team members have within it is the best way to get it adopted.

This isn’t just filing the policy as a reference document for a national standards inspection, it’s ensuring everyone knows the processes involved, the actions to be taken and when it needs reviewing.


GDPR/Data protection

Advice on GDPR, protecting information, CPD course, seminars

Practice ownership

Business continuity, business plans, buying, selling, renting, leases, planning permission, practice finances

Employing staff

Contracts, pay, maternity, sickness, disciplinaries, grievances


Working in general practice, contract checking, careers opportunities, seminars

Health and safety 

Autoclaves, waste, infection control, radiation, risk assessment

National quality standards

CPI (Scotland)

Legal obligations

Complaints, confidentiality, data protection, freedom of information, disabled access

Patient care

Consent, sedation, treatment plans, prescribing, referrals, recalls, out-of-hours, collecting fees


Advice, child protection, online training, seminars


NHS pensions, universities, armed forces, staff auto-enrolment


NHS commissioning, preparing for and submitting a tender


NHS dentistry - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales