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HR overview

Regardless of its size, every practice requires an effective HR function to manage its workforce, policies and compliance with employment law.

Employing staff

This advice describes the aspects that should be included in an employment contract and the rights of employees.

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Managing performance and appraisals

A motivated and enthusiastic team will benefit the practice. Performance management involves making sure team members contribute to the overall performance of the practice. It incorporates the continuous development of individuals and teams and managing behaviour to ensure that people behave in a way that fosters better working relationships.

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Sickness absence

Advice on the management process and your responsibilities towards your employees in the dental practice who are absent due to sickness.

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Death and serious illness

This advice is aimed at non-dentists who find themselves in the position of managing the practice of a dentist who has died or is too ill to work.

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Employee pay and rewards

This advice provides an overview of pay structures that you could consider alongside benefits that you might offer in the dental practice.

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Grievance at work

Any member of the team may, at some time, have a problem or concern about their work, working conditions or relationships with other colleagues. If they raise a problem or concern with you and request that it be addressed, it becomes a grievance.

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Jury service and public duties

This advice will help you understand your responsibilities towards your employees if they are summoned for jury service or undertake public duties.

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Recruiting staff

This advice describes best practice in advertising for new staff, shortlisting and interviewing applicants, and pre-recruitment checks.

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This advice explains the procedures for redundancy that you must follow to ensure fair decisions.

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