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Setting and collecting fees overview

Ensuring the prompt collection of fees is crucial to maintaining cash flow and keeping your business operational, and patients need clarity about the fees they need to pay and when.

Fee collection

This advice provides a general introduction to collecting patient fees and developing in-house systems, including expert templates.

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Private fee setting

This advice provides an overview of those aspects you should consider when identifying your hourly rate and producing a fee scale.

More about Private fee setting

Dentistry is one of the few NHS services where patients pay a contribution towards the cost of care. Generally, the banded fees are reviewed annually and any increases are made for 1 April. If you offer NHS treatments, you should publish the charges in the public areas of your practice. 

For those offering private treatment, the fee setting process requires a disciplined approach to identifying all your costs and realistically setting an income that covers your general and day-to-day expenses.