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Our employment relations support

Whether you're facing challenges in contractual negotiations, workplace disputes, or simply seeking advice on employment-related issues, our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout your career. We aim to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

We regularly help BDA members with:

  • Personal representation for disputes
  • Advice on employment related issues
  • Contractual disputes.

If you're an Extra or Expert member, you have access to unlimited one-to-one advice from us via phone or email, in addition to the written guidance on our website.

Speak to the team

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 7935 0875

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Meet the team 

Martin Jones, Head of Employment Relations
Martin and his team support salaried members employed in the NHS, academia and the armed forces. This includes employer disputes and negotiating on national and local policies.

Alun McLean, Employment Relations Advisor
Alun provides advice, support and representation to salaried members across Wales, the west midlands and south-west England. He also undertakes collective negotiations and produces employment relations advice.

Chris Burns, Employment Relations Officer
Chris is an experienced trade union official who primarily provides support and representation to salaried service members in the north of England.

David Paul, Employment Relations Advisor
David mainly advises salaried members in Scotland and Northern Ireland but has travelled as far south as Cornwall and as far north as Shetland to represent, support and advise members. He leads on training within the employment relations team.