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Stepping away from the NHS? LLoyd and Whyte's Flexiplan can help.

Practice ownership

Owning and managing a dental practice can be immensely satisfying but, to be successful, you need to understand your professional and legal responsibilities and how you will  meet them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we answer your frequently asked questions on how to manage your dental team including staff screening, contact tracing, self-isolate, risk assessment, change in employment contract and furlough. 




Business continuity planning

Business names and brands

Business planning and managing change

Buying a dental practice

Selling a dental practice

Companies and limited liability partnerships

Dentists legal rights as commercial purchasers 

Incorporation concerns in NI and Scotland

Leases and licences

New practice start-up

NHSMail account setup for private practice  



UDA value checker - Analysed data from the NHS Business Services Authority to provide an estimated UDA value for all NHS contracts in England so that you can compare your practice or the practice where you work to the local and national averages.  


Fee collection

Fee setting

Financial management

Private dental plans and in-practice capitation schemes


The team

Associates working in general dental practice

Employing staff

Employment contracts, practice staff and TUPE


FAQ on quarter four targets  (2020)

GDS in England and Wales - guide to the standard contract

NHS dentistry in England and Wales

NHS dentistry in Northern Ireland 

NHS dentistry in Scotland

NHS England quarter four targets  (2020)

NHS England targets April to September 2021

Expert templates


Audit - Supplier contracts
Business continuity and disaster recovery policy

Partnership agreement


Cashflow forecast template 

Chairside hours calculation 

Chairside hours worksheet 

Debt recovery letters 

Fees and payments policy 

Hourly rate calculation 
Hourly rate worksheet 

In-practice capitation scheme agreement 

In-practice capitation scheme application form 

In-practice capitation scheme direct debit mandate

In-practice capitation scheme leaflet 

Payment - bill and instalments

Records management policy

The team

Associate contract - NHS and mixed - England
Associate ortho contract - England

Associate contract - contract reform model - Wales  

Associate contract - Northern Ireland
Associate contract - Scotland
Associate contract - Private only within a mixed practice - Scotland
Associate contract - Private practice


Side agreement contract for Associates

2021-2022 NHS contract year


Advice - NHS England targets January - March 2022 

England - Side agreement for associates January - March 2022 
England - Side agreement for associates (orthodontics) January to March 2022 
Spreadsheet to help you work out NHS income from UDAs with various thresholds, clawbacks, abatements and offsetting 

Advice - NHS England targets October - December 2021 
England - Side agreement for associates October - December 2021 
England - side agreement for associates (orthodontics) October to December 2021 

Q1 and Q2:
Advice - NHS England targets April to September 2021 
England - Examples of pay calculations for BDA side agreements 
England - Side agreement for associates April to September 2021 
England - Side agreement for associates (orthodontics) April to September 2021 
Wales - Side agreement for associates April to September 2021 

This video further explains the UDA targets and side agreements for 2021.

All agreements are designed to complement the BDA written agreements.


Locum-Associate contract - HSCNI and mixed - NI  
Locum-Associate contract - NHS and mixed - England and Wales 
Locum-Associate contract - NHS and mixed - Scotland

Locum-Associate contract - ortho - England and Wales 
Locum-Associate contract - private practice

Data protection privacy notice - associates 

Data protection privacy notice - employees

Employed dentists - code of practice
Employment contract

Employment contract variation - letters  


NHS remedial and breach notice letters


We offer a wide range of events, delivered in a variety of formats to help teams with running a safe, compliant and profitable practice.


Visit the Events area of our website for details of forthcoming workshops and webinars.

Other resources

Financial Healthcheck tool - To help you, we’ve teamed up with our partner Lloyd & Whyte to put together a Financial Healthcheck tool, asking you a series of questions to give you an advice based report.

One-to-one advice

Extra and Expert members have access to unlimited one-to-one advice via phone or email from our experienced advisors. Contact our Practice support team on 020 7563 4574 or email: advice.enquiries@bda.org.


We may record telephone conversations that are advisory in nature to offer you additional security, resolve complaints and improve our service standards. Conversations may also be monitored for staff training purposes. You will be alerted to this when you call.