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Our dental business support

We provide advice on all matters relating to setting up and running an NHS, private, or mixed practice. This includes NHS contract terms and variations, financial clawback and breach/remedial notices. 

We are on hand to advise on the requirements of the Dentists Act and NHS Act, including restrictions on the performance of dentistry, the business of dentistry and eligibility for NHS contracts. 

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Get in touch 

If you're an Extra or Expert member, you have access to unlimited one-to-one advice from us:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 020 7935 0875

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Meet the team 

Victoria Michell, Head of NHS and Business
Victoria is a solicitor and mediator who advises on a wide range of private practice and NHS issues and has undertaken a secondment representing clients buying and selling dental practices. 

Ela Rexhaj, Practice Management Consultant 
Ela is a Law LLB graduate and an LPC MSc Law, Business and Management postgraduate. She has developed an in-depth understanding of various areas of law, including public law, commercial, and contract law. 

Isabella McLean, Practice Management Consultant
Isabella is a solicitor and accredited mediator specialising in NHS, business, employment/HR and contractual matters gaining a good understanding of the issues and pressures faced by dentists and practice owners.